Oxera neriifolia (Montrouz.) Beauvis.


Oxera macrocalyx subsp. macrocalyx DubardOxera cordifolia Dubard

Red List Status -

Least Concern (LC) , assessed in 08/09/2017

Oxera neriifolia is a slender climber or small liana endemic to New Caledonia. It is restricted to the north of Grande Terre and the Belep islands. It occurs in shrubland, degraded forest and dense humid forest on ultramafic subtrate up to 800 m asl. Its extent of occurrence (EOO) and area of occupancy (AOO) are 8,622 and 156 km², respectively. This species does not seem threathened and is quite common and abundant. Therefore, O. neriifolia is listed as Least Concern (LC).

Geographical area

O. neriifolia is endemic to NewCaledonia, distributed from the center to the north of Grande Terre and the Belep islands (Iles Yande, Art and Pott).


Population size is unknown, but field observations indicate the species is relatively abundant with good regeneration.


O. neriifolia occurs in scrubland, degraded forest and dense humid forest on ultramafic substrate up to 800 m asl.


This species does not seem to be threatened, although some subpopulations in higher altitude may be impacted mining activities (Tiebaghi (SLN), Ouazangou (NMC), Kaala). Bushfires could be a threat in lower altitudes.


This species is not protected by any legislation in New Caledonia and does not occur in any protected areas. This species is cultivated at the IAC (Institut Agronomique de Nouvelle-Calédonie) nursery of Saint-Louis and some nurseries.


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