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En danger critique d'extinction (CR) , évaluée le 11/12/2017

Espèce protégée -

en Province Sud , en Province Nord

Marmorosphax kaala is listed as Critically Endangered because it has a very restricted distribution, it is known from only a single location and there is continuing decline in its area of occupancy, extent and quality of its habitat and the number of mature individuals due to ongoing threat from mining.

Aire géographique

This species is endemic to Province Nord, New Caledonia. It is known only from a single locality on the summit of the ultramafic massif Kaala, on the northern west coast of Grande Terre. It occurs at elevations between 300 and 900 m. The extent of occurrence and the area of occupancy are estimated to be 4 km2.


There is no information on population size and trends for Marmorosphax kaala. It is presumed to have suffered a substantial reduction population size and extent resulting from past destruction of its montane forest habitat by mining activities and from recurrent wildfires in the adjacent maquis shrublands.


This species inhabits mid-elevation closed forest and montane forest. It is diurno-nocturnal, cryptozoic and terrestrial. It shelters beneath logs, rocks and deep leaf litter, and forages in cover.


Certaines sous-populations peuvent être directement impactées par l'activité minière: Michel 38 (SMT)


This species is protected in Province Nord under Code de l'environnement de la Province Nord (Délibération No. 306-2008/APN, 24 October 2008) and in Province Sud under Code de l'environnement de la Province Sud (Délibération No. 25-2009/APS, 20 March 2009). It is not present in any reserves and no conservation management is currently being undertaken. Prospections are recommended around the known locality.


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Assessor(s): Sadlier, R., Bauer, A., Jourdan, H., Astrongatt, S., Deuss, M., Duval, T., Bourguet, E., McCoy, S., Bouteiller, A., Lagrange, A.

Reviewer(s): Cox, N.

Contributor(s): Whitaker, A.

Facilitator(s): Lietar, J., Warimavute, G., Tanguy, V.

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