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en Province Nord



Découvert sur le mont Ouin

Phaeoscincus ouinensis is listed as Data Deficient because only one individual was observed in 2003 and it has not been seen since.

Aire géographique

Phaeoscincus ouinensis is endemic to Province Sud in New Caledonia. It is restricted to the Mont Ouin.


There is no information on population size or trends.


The only known specimen was collected in high elevation maquis on the Mont Ouin.


There is no information on direct threats to this species. However, it may be impacted as other skinks by the habitat reduction and degradation caused by bushfires and invasive species.


This species is protected in Province Nord under Code de l'environnement de la Province Nord (Délibération No. 306-2008/APN, 24 October 2008). This species is not present in any reserve and no species-specific conservation management is currently being undertaken.


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Assessor(s): Sadlier, R., Bauer, A., Jourdan, H., Astrongatt, S., Deuss, M., Duval, T., Bourguet, E., McCoy, S., Bouteiller, A., Lagrange, A.

Reviewer(s): Cox, N.

Contributor(s): Fleurot, D., Cassan, J., Butin, J., Jumel, M.

Facilitator(s): Warimavute, G., Tanguy, V., Lietar, J.

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