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en Province Sud , en Province Nord


Description Générale

Variété nouvelle. Shrub 1-4 m high, dioecious or monoecious.

Répartition en Nouvelle-Calédonie

This variety is restricted to the Grande-Terre, where it is known only from the general vicinity of Poya.
PARATYPES. Col de Nékoro (entre Népoui et Poya), 100-200 m - Poya, Avangui 200 m - Népoui, 10 m - Boulinda, Avangui, 300 m.


Recorded from coastal and ravine forests,


on ultramafic terrains,


Leaves trifoliolate (occasional leaves unifoliolate), 1.5-7.5 cm long; petiole 0.5-3 cm long; petiolules obsolete; blades narrowly elliptic to oblanceolate or linear, 1.4-4.5 × 0.15-0.6 cm, base cuneate to attenuate, apex obtuse, often retuse, secondary veins obscure or subobscure, 4 or 5 per side.

Phénologie (Fleur)

Ovaries in functional gynoecium and abortive carpels in fruit glabrous to sparsely puberulent. Inflorescences 1- or few-flowered, 0.5-1.7 cm long, up to 0.8 cm wide. Flowers male or female; ovaries in functional gynoecium and abortive carpels in fruit glabrous or nearly so.


TYPE. MacKee 20523, NC, Poya, Avangui, 100 m, 11/04/1969 Situation IUCN : NE

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