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Faux houp, Oseille, Yaayuk (Nemi Est)

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Forêts denses humides, forêt sèche ou forêt sclérophylle, maquis minier (FLM)


New depsidones from Garcinia plants J Nat Prod 2001 Feb;64(2):147-50

Résumé : In a search for cancer chemopreventive agents from natural sources, chemical constituents of two kinds of Garcinia plants, Garcinia neglecta and Garcinia puat, collected in New-Caledonia, were examined. Five new depsidones, garcinisidone-B (2), -C (3), -D (4), -E (5), and -F (6), were isolated, and their structures were determined by spectrometric analyses. Inhibitory effects of these depsidones on EBV-EA activation induced by TPA in Raji cells were also demonstrated. Depsidones actuellement recherchées notamment dans les lichens comme antiseptiques, antibactériens ou antimitotiques.

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LR B12

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